“Watch Kim Kardashian’s Impressive Scooter Stunts in Rome While Rocking High Heels and a Chic White Leather Skirt”

Kim Kardashian has been sharing her Rome vacation updates with her fans, and she added more stunning photos on Saturday. In the pictures, she can be seen posing with a scooter at the base of the famous Spanish Steps in Rome. The 40-year-old reality TV star looked absolutely gorgeous in a white leather skirt and a matching crop top. Her outfit highlighted her amazing figure flawlessly.

Pose: Kim Kardashian shared another slew of sizzling snaps on Saturday, as she posed with a scooter at the bottom of the Spanish Steps in Rome

Kim Kardashian has treated her fans with a series of stunning photos on Saturday. She was seen striking poses with a red electric scooter at the picturesque Spanish Steps in Rome. The reality TV star looked ravishing in snake skin wrap around heels that complemented her chic high ponytail. In one of the pictures, she posed playfully with the scooter while in another, she flaunted her toned abs while holding her arms up in the air. The third snap captured her smouldering gaze as she stood at the foot of the steps.

Wow! The TV star, 40, looked sensational in a white leather skirt and a crossover white crop top

Oh my goodness! The television personality, who is 40 years old, looked absolutely stunning in a white leather skirt paired with a white crop top that crossed over in the front.

Stunning: The star gave a smouldering look and posed at the foot of the steps in the last pic

In her recent Instagram post, the star looked absolutely stunning as she struck a smouldering pose at the bottom of a staircase. She captioned the photo by saying that it was a night out on the famous Spanish Steps. This comes after Kim shared a few other sizzling pictures on the platform last Friday. The reality TV star wore a body-hugging cardigan with a tiny leather skirt, featuring a sequin dragon design. To complement the outfit, she added red slip-on mules and neon green cross earrings. She styled her brunette locks in a sleek manner and had a flawless make-up look.

Wow! Kim shared another slew of sizzling snaps on Friday, as she posed for an impromptu photo shoot in her hotel room before heading out into the city

Oh my goodness! On Friday, Kim treated her followers to a bunch of steamy photos. She captured herself on an impromptu photo shoot in her hotel room before stepping out into the city.

Sizzling: The star looked typically flawless as she flaunted her ample assets in a form-fitting cardigan, which she wore almost completely unbuttoned

The celebrity looked stunning as usual while showing off her ample chest in a tight-fitting cardigan that was left almost entirely unbuttoned. The outfit perfectly accentuated her figure and made her confidence shine through.

Glam squad: In one behind the scenes snap Kim's make-up table which was covered in products was visible, along with her personal MUA Mario Dedivanovic

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, was shown in a behind-the-scenes photo of her glam squad. Her makeup table was covered in various products, which were visible in the picture. Kim shared the snap with the caption “Inches on the Roman Runway.” She also gave her followers an inside look at her Vatican trip with supermodel Kate Moss. In response to backlash over her lace dress, which she wore to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Kim shared several photos from her visit and insisted that she followed the dress code inside St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

Poser: Kim shared an inside look at her trip to the Vatican with supermodel Kate Moss, which took place earlier this week

Kim took to Instagram on Thursday to share some behind-the-scenes snaps of her recent trip to the Vatican with supermodel Kate Moss. In the photos, Kim can be seen posing in an off-the-shoulder lacy dress that accentuated her figure, with a pair of white sandals completing the look. She also slicked her long hair back into an elegant up-do to draw attention to her statement outfit. One photo shows Kim and Kate both covering their shoulders with jackets, while others capture the stunning duo wandering around the Vatican and posing on some stairs with their teams.

Playing by the rules: Kim posed for a snap with supermodel Kate Moss, with them both covering their shoulders with jackets

Adhering to the guidelines: Kim and supermodel Kate Moss were pictured together, both sporting jackets over their shoulders.

'Don't worry, I adhered to the dress code!': Kim explained that she was 'fully covered up' while inside St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel's)'

Kim reassured everyone that she followed the dress code while exploring St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. It’s important for both men and women to keep in mind the basic dress code when visiting Vatican City, especially if they plan on entering these sites. This means covering up their knees and upper arms, avoiding shorts or skirts above the knee, sleeveless tops, and low-cut shirts. Men should take off their hats upon entering, while women are allowed to keep theirs on. Visitors should also ensure their shoulders stay covered and bring a shawl just in case they need to cover up further. Failure to comply with the dress code may result in being turned away from the sites.

During the tour of Vatican City, Kate’s daughter Lila was also present and looked stunning in a bright blue dress complemented by a black jacket in the group photo. Kim, who never misses a photo opportunity, posed dramatically at a window and flashed a smile over her shoulder while sitting in her black car. Kim shared her experience on social media and expressed her amazement at being able to view all the iconic art, architecture, and ancient Roman sculptures in person, including Michelangelo’s works. She even had the privilege of viewing the private archive of robes worn by every pope in history since the 1500s. Kim thanked @ocspecial for arranging the visit and clarified that she adhered to the dress code by fully covering up while inside St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. However, it appeared that Kim failed to adhere to the church’s strict rules by wearing a sexy lace dress with cut-out sections throughout her mid-section, which did not cover her shoulders. It is important to note that there is a basic dress code that both men and women must follow when visiting Vatican City, especially St. Peter’s Basilica and/or the Vatican museums, including the Sistine Chapel.

Off they go: The women also posed with their backs to the camera while walking around the Vatican on their guided tour

The ladies were captured strolling around the Vatican during their sightseeing tour, with their backs facing the camera.

Stunning: Never one to miss a photo opportunity, Kim also posed up a storm in a dramatic window

Kim never passes up a chance for a great photo and she certainly didn’t disappoint when she struck a pose in front of an impressive window. She looked absolutely stunning.

Group picture: Kim also posed with her team as well as Kate and Kate's daughter Lila Grace

Kim took a photo with her team, Kate, and Kate’s daughter Lila Grace. Visitors to the place are required to dress modestly by covering their knees and upper arms. It is strictly prohibited to wear shorts or skirts above the knee, sleeveless tops, and low-cut shirts. Additionally, men are expected to remove their hats upon entry, while women are allowed to keep theirs on. It’s important to note that visitors must also cover their shoulders, otherwise they may not be allowed in or advised to use a shawl to cover up.

Chatting away: Kate and Kim seemed to be getting along very well as they smiled and talked

Casual conversation was flowing smoothly between Kate and Kim, evident by their cheerful expressions and lively discussion.

Work it: Kim also posed outside with a statue, ensuring to work all her angles in the skin-tight ensemble

Kim made sure to flaunt her stunning figure in a skin-tight outfit while posing outside with a statue. She definitely worked all her angles to perfection! On her visit to the Vatican, Kim captured and shared multiple shots of the breathtaking architecture and design of the holy place. Among the artifacts and items on display, she also highlighted a special gift from Armenia to the Vatican – a dazzling gold necklace paired with a diamond pendant, which was displayed behind glass. With her Armenian roots on her father Robert’s side, it was a meaningful sight for Kim to see.

Capturing memories: Kim also unloaded several shots she had taken during her visit to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church via Instagram on Tuesday

Capturing memories: Kim also unloaded several shots she had taken during her visit to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church via Instagram on Tuesday

Sharing unforgettable moments: Kim shared some photos she captured while visiting the main facility of the Roman Catholic Church on her Instagram account on Tuesday.

Good morning! Kim looked ready to take on another day of exploring the city as she posed for a sultry topless snap in the bed of her hotel room on Thursday

Kim is continuing to turn heads during her visit to Rome, showcasing a variety of daring looks while exploring the city’s sights. On Thursday, she shared a sultry topless photo from her hotel room, radiating glamour as she posed seductively for the camera with just her bed sheets covering her. Despite her bedhead hair, Kim looked effortlessly chic and minimalistic with only a touch of makeup to enhance her natural beauty. Captioning her snap with “Good Morning Rome. Good Night LA,” it’s clear that she’s enjoying her time abroad. Meanwhile, Kanye was spotted being a loving father to his eldest daughter North at the Mexico airport on Wednesday.

Style: Kim styled her stunning dress with cream heels and sunglasses

Kim completed her gorgeous outfit by pairing her stunning dress with cream-colored heels and sunglasses.

Model: She exuded confidence while strutting towards the camera on her outing this week

The famous rapper, aged 44, was taking care of his kids during a recent outing. He was seen sitting with his children North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm on a ledge in the terminal before boarding their flight back to Los Angeles. To keep his daughter North entertained, Kanye gave her his phone. North looked stylish in a light grey tracksuit and a black face mask under her chin. Meanwhile, Saint rocked a green T-shirt and red trousers, and a nanny helped take care of the other kids. Kanye and his children went to Mexico on June 20 before heading to his retreat on the Oaxaca coast. Despite getting a divorce, the former couple plan to share joint custody of their kids.

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