Uncovering the Scoop: Selena Gomez Rocks a Bridal Dress and Dives into DMs during Her New York Tour

Selena Gomez caused quite a stir among her fans when she was spotted sprinting around the streets of New York City in a wedding gown. However, fans need not worry as there is no secret marriage or anything similar going on. It was simply another day on set for the singer as she filmed season three of Only Murders In The Building alongside co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short. Playing the role of Mabel Mora on the show, Selena looked mesmerizing in a white, princess-style dress, with cameras capturing her every move.

Selena Gomez wedding dress Only Murders in the Building Disney

The well-known entertainer, Selena Gomez, was recently seen on the set of “Only Murders in the Building”, donning a lovely lace dress. Despite its apparent complexity, Selena paired the dress with comfortable white Dr Martens boots. She had her brown hair tied in a simple low bun, complemented by minimal make-up except for a striking red lipstick. Steve Martin and Martin Short, her co-stars, also shared photos of themselves with Selena on social media. Steve’s snap looked like he was giving her away at a wedding or shooting another ‘Father Of The Bride’ movie, while Martin posed for an image with Selena. Selena then utilized Instagram to share a close-up image of her beautiful ensemble with her 402 million followers.

Selena Gomez is seen on the set of

The set of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ recently had a sighting of Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and Steve Martin, the show’s stars. One photo captured Gomez holding a Coke can with her arms raised while wearing a long skirt that revealed her DMs. The singer-actress gave no caption to the post, simply saying it was just a regular day at work and tagging the show’s official account.

Selena, with her captivating beauty, is not getting married anytime soon. While she joked around about being in a throuple with Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham, she gave a hint on TikTok that she is not currently involved in a romantic relationship.

Selena Gomez is seen on the set of

Selena Gomez was recently seen shooting for her upcoming series, “Only Murders in the Building,” in the Upper West Side. During a lighthearted moment, she utilized an app to mimic lip-syncing to a sound clip and playfully quipped, “It bothers me when girls say, ‘My crush doesn’t know I even exist.’ Believe me, my crush doesn’t even exist!”

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