“Sun, Sand, and Speculations: Kim Kardashian Rocks a Bikini During Beach Day Amid Rumors of Marital Strife with Kanye West”

Kim Kardashian has taken to Instagram to reveal that she is sticking to her workout routine even while in self-isolation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The social media influencer is working out with personal trainer Melissa Alcantara and hits the gym before 7 am each day. Her dedication to fitness seems to have paid off, as she recently shared a series of photos taken at a beach house in Malibu where she is currently staying, looking better than ever. In these pictures, Kim can be seen flaunting her toned physique, wearing a beautiful bikini that emphasizes her impressive abs.

Kim Kardashian, who is married to Kanye West and has four children with him, made a stunning appearance as she stepped out of her house recently. She looked gorgeous in a suit that emphasized her slim figure, especially her toned arms and waistline. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kim outside, so this was a welcome sight. Additionally, Kim shared a heartwarming photo of Kanye cuddling with their daughters North and Chicago on Wednesday. Even though there have been rumors of tension between them, it’s clear that they still place a high value on their family bond.

Kim was seen enjoying some sun and sand on the beach, sporting an absolutely stunning two-piece swimsuit in a shimmering wine hue from the designer brand Hunza G. The bra top and high-waisted briefs accentuated her gorgeous hourglass figure, and this fashionable ensemble can be yours for $180. Despite the challenges of indulging in snacks and drinks during quarantine, Kim has kept up with her healthy eating habits that emphasize protein. For her overall look, she went for a retro vibe by slicking back her hair and adding small curls around her ears. Her makeup was light and delicate, featuring a lovely pink blush and pale pink lipstick with a frosty finish.

Kim gracefully walked out onto the balcony, looking like she was ready for a high-end fashion shoot with her chic outfit. Pausing to take a call on her mobile phone, she then wrapped a pristine white towel around her waist. The well-known family has been finding plenty of ways to stay occupied while following self-isolation guidelines at their impressive Hidden Hills home in California. With endless amenities including a vast lawn, a lavish swimming pool, and an entertaining game room, they have no shortage of activities to keep them busy.

Despite owning a large ranch in Wyoming, this week the couple decided to enjoy the warm weather in Southern California after a cold winter by the beach. Reports suggest that while Kanye has been working on his craft during isolation, Kim has had the responsibility of taking care of their four children, which has caused some frustration for her. An insider disclosed that the couple has been having frequent arguments during quarantine due to Kanye’s activities getting on Kim’s nerves. As Kanye focuses on “creating,” Kim has been left to handle most of the parenting responsibilities, leading her to feel overwhelmed at times.

It is common for the couple to have several employees on their payroll, such as nannies, maids, and chefs. However, it is not known if they had to reduce their staff due to Californian regulations requiring individuals to remain at home. Furthermore, according to E! News, Kanye took all four children to Wyoming, giving Kim some time off. DailyMail.com has tried to reach out to the couple’s spokesperson for comment.

In April, when Kim made an appearance on The View, she discussed the challenges of parenting during the pandemic. She shared her difficulty in taking care of four children and added that having another child is not an option at the moment. She also expressed her admiration for teachers and their hard work. Since her visit to Paris for Fashion Week in April, the reality TV star has not been seen in public. However, she recently revealed details about her morning workout routine which includes challenging exercises like ab crunches and dumbbell hammer curls.

According to a recent post on her Instagram Stories, Kim Kardashian’s exercise regimen consists of 3 sets of 30 barbell bicep curls, 20 dumbbell hammer curls, 20 barbell skull crushers, 20 dumbbell skull crushers, and 60 ab crunches. Her workout involves sneakers and various types of equipment like dumbbells, which are spread out on the floor. The famous personality has gyms at both her California mansion in Hidden Hills and Wyoming ranch. She has been training with her personal fitness trainer Melissa, both virtually through FaceTime and in-person. In one session, they completed 100 lunges on a tennis court. Furthermore, Kim recently shared a glimpse of fitness guru Alcantara’s new book, for which she wrote the foreword.

After looking at the author’s before and after pictures on Instagram, Kim felt a strong connection with her. She commended the author for being straightforward and inspirational and revealed that she has been working out with her every morning at 5:45 am. Additionally, Kim highly suggests checking out the author’s new book, which includes a variety of features such as a workout plan, calendar, food options, and her inspiring narrative. Although her Malibu bikini photos are the first public snapshots of Kim in a bikini, she has been sharing many provocative images on Instagram lately. So make sure you grab a copy of this book and read it for yourself!

Yesterday, some stunning photos of the celebrity were released, where she can be seen in a striking swimsuit with daring hip cutouts which definitely caught the eye. The pictures were taken on a balcony overlooking the beach as the sun was setting, and Kim looked effortlessly beautiful in them. She wore a halter neck bathing suit that didn’t have any sides and was only held together by two ribcage straps. To complete her look, she added a diamond choker and a small strip of golden material to cover her private parts.

The pictures show the mother-of-four sporting a stunning swimsuit that accentuates her hourglass figure. She has also styled two cornrow braids, which she is seen twirling in one of the photos. Kim’s makeup is minimal yet striking, with plenty of mascara, foundation, and a soft, matte neutral lip color. The caption she has chosen for the pictures is “Sunbeams.”

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