“Sultry Selena: Singer heats things up on SNL with male dancer during intimate black nightie performance”

Recently, Selena Gomez announced that she was interested in creating more adult-oriented music because she felt sexy. This sultry side of her was on full display during her latest national performance on Saturday Night Live, where the 23-year-old singer dazzled in two racy black outfits. Check out the latest updates on Selena Gomez as she delivers a steamy SNL performance.

Selena Gomez turned up the heat for her performances on Saturday Night Live, adding a touch of sensuality to her show.

The singer, who is 23 years old, had an intimate performance with two dancers at a cuddle party. One of the steamiest moments of the night was her second performance, where she did a more upbeat version of her new single “Hands To Myself,” which ended with a male and female background dancer caressing her body. The performance began with her getting out of a circular bed draped in black velvet as she showed off her body in a black nightie. A male dancer came out to sit on the bed as she sat on his lap and pursued her around the stage. Then after a lift, a female dancer came up and seductively smiled at Selena.

Amazing fact: Her emergence from a circular bed draped in black velvet was the beginning.

Achieving a seamless balance: The singer was showcasing her latest track entitled “Hands To Myself.”

Hi there! Later on, a male dancer joined her and sat on his lap.

The male dancer and Selena appeared to be on the verge of kissing at one point. Later in the evening, after the song ended, Selena jumped into bed with her two dancers hugging and caressing her body. Earlier, she looked incredibly sexy in a provocative black gown with an extremely low-cut neckline and a very high split, while sporting matching black stilettos.

Rising up: At a certain moment, the dancer lifted her up during the dance.

Three individuals formed a group consisting of a male and female pair, with the addition of a female dancer later on.

Intermittently: Selena proceeded forward to continue her singing while the two dancers approached.

Relaxed: As the couple of dancers lay in the bed, she effortlessly hit the high notes. Her long, raven-colored tresses were worn down in waves flowing over her shoulders, complemented by smoky eye makeup. For the very slow-beat song, several men draped in black turtlenecks sat on chairs all around her as they snapped along to the hit single. She certainly seemed to be very proud of her two performances as she posted a promotional snap on both Instagram and Twitter.

Trio: She leaped back into the bed.

Their hands can’t resist reaching out: The two then tended to her towards the conclusion of the performance.

The performance was undoubtedly sultry, with a magnetic presence.

Getting Closer: The male and female dancers persistently placed their hands all over the performer.

The situation ended with her being completely alone in bed.

Smiling brightly after her last performance, Selena wore a low-cut outfit in the picture she shared on Instagram, thanking NBCSNL for making her childhood dream come true. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the former girlfriend of Justin Bieber discussed several topics, including her decision to perform more adult music. She also recounted how she freaked out when she first heard her track “Good For You” after just moving out of the house she shared with her mother and stepfather, and hiring a new manager to replace her mom. Selena explained that she felt confident and comfortable in who she is and even described herself as sexy, stating that she was eager to do things like that.

Unleashing the popular tracks: At the beginning of the evening, Selena performed “Good For You.”

Summary: Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend wore a revealing outfit for her debut performance. In summary, the first public performance of Justin Bieber’s former girlfriend saw her wearing a low-cut dress.

Emotional: She definitely displayed some passion during the slow track.

Displaying: The singer donned a dress with a plunging neckline and an extremely high slit.

Looking great: She wore her black hair down as she sported natural, complementary makeup on her face topped off with smoky eye makeup.

During the performance, several men dressed in black turtlenecks could be seen cheering along to the popular song.

Towards the end of the performance, all the men stood up from their chairs and surrounded her.

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