Selena Gomez Stuns in Corset for American Music Awards Comeback, Addresses Body Shaming Struggles

On Sunday night, Selena Gomez made an exciting return to the stage with a live performance of her new music at the American Music Awards. This was her first television appearance in two years, and fans eagerly awaited her comeback. Although there were moments when her nerves were visible, the 27-year-old opened the show with great passion. She delivered an intense choreographed dance routine while singing her latest songs Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her Now. Interestingly, just days after confessing that body shaming had affected her mental health, Selena surprised the audience with a bold costume change. She switched her black dress for a tight sparkling corset, which added a daring element to her performance.

Selena Gomez makes a stunning return to the stage at the American Music Awards, flaunting a corset and proving that she is triumphant. This comes after the singer opened up about how body shaming has affected her mental health.

Amazing: Despite some moments of nervousness, the 27-year-old singer started the performance with great enthusiasm. She captivated the audience with a powerful dance routine while singing her latest hits Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her Now. The combination of dance and vocals was truly impressive.

In a flash, Selena pulled off a bold costume maneuver during her performance, trading in her elegant black gown for a shimmery and snug corset.

Good news, folks! Selena has returned! She made her grand entrance on stage singing in a stunning black gown.

Selena Gomez made a stunning comeback at the AMA’s with her first TV performance in two years. The audience was wowed by her performance, which included her long-term BFF Taylor Swift and new bestie Halsey dancing and singing along. Before her performance, Selena looked confident and radiant on the red carpet, posing for selfies with fans who were eager to see their favorite stars. She donned a striking neon lime green mini-dress with matching pumps and wore her hair down in a bob style. Completing her look was a layered diamond choker that graced her neck.

Enjoying every second: Selena’s famous friends enthusiastically watched her show, as her close friend Taylor Swift and new companion Halsey sang and danced along to her act.

Selena’s devoted fans, known as “Selena’s army,” energetically took their place at the front row of her concert and danced along to her performance.

Selena Gomez, with her stunning black gown, exudes an air of elegance that is simply captivating.

Selena Gomez appeared confident and radiant on the red carpet of the American Music Awards, just weeks after opening up about how body shaming affected her. She even shared a collage of behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, featuring a new thigh tattoo which was partially visible when she changed costumes on stage. The tattoo showcased two praying hands with a rosary wrapped around them, and Gomez credited New York City’s Bang Bang Tattoo shop in her post.

Following her AMAs performance, Gomez hopped on Instagram to show off a collection of candid snaps from backstage. One particular photo revealed the singer’s latest addition to her ink collection – a thigh tattoo.

Freshly applied ink: Although the fresh ink was not noticeable during the star’s appearance on the red carpet, it was partially revealed when she switched outfits on stage.

As she made her way down the red carpet, she generously stopped to snap some selfies with her devoted fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse of their beloved celebrities.

Selena Gomez donned a striking neon lime green mini-dress along with matching pumps, showcasing her confident style. Her recent appearance followed her candid discussion on the Giving Back Generation podcast about being subjected to body-shaming. In 2015, Selena was diagnosed with lupus, which led to several health issues and weight fluctuations due to the medication she takes for it. She stated that her body image struggles intensified after her diagnosis, as her weight varied even on a monthly basis.

Appearance: Just a few days after her appearance on the Giving Back Generation podcast, where she opened up about being body-shamed by her fans and its effects on her mental state, she made another public appearance. She mentioned how the whole experience had a negative impact on her, and it was not easy to deal with.

In 2015, Gomez received a diagnosis of lupus, and since then, she has faced numerous health issues. This diagnosis has made her more aware of her body image, and she has noticed significant changes in her weight. She admits that her weight tends to fluctuate depending on what is happening in her life. Although she has learned to accept her reality, negative comments from others have affected her greatly. Despite this, she has made it clear that she does not care to expose herself to the opinions of others.

Honestly, the fact is that I began to feel the impact of criticism when people started attacking me for putting on weight. However, this is just my reality. My weight tends to fluctuate depending on what’s going on in my life, and I accept that as my truth.

Despite accepting her truth, negative comments from others have affected Selena Gomez. However, she recently released her lead single, Lose You to Love Me, from her upcoming third studio album which is yet to be titled. Following the release of this single, Look at Her Now was released the next day, and Lose You to Love Me has already climbed to the top of the singles charts. The new album is set to be released on January 10, 2020, while Selena will also voice Betsy in the live-action/CGI hybrid movie Dolittle, which will hit theaters on January 17, 2020.

Primary track: In the previous month, Gomez dropped her latest primary track called “Lose You to Love Me” from her third studio album, which is yet to be named.

Fresh Release: The artist’s latest album features her second single, Look At Her Now, which dropped the following day. Earlier this month, Lose You to Love Me claimed the top spot on the singles charts.

Get excited for some new content from this multi-talented artist! Her latest album is set to drop on January 10th, 2020. And that’s not all, she’ll also be lending her voice to the character of Betsy in Dolittle, a movie that combines live-action and CGI, hitting theaters on January 17th, 2020. Keep your eyes and ears open for this upcoming release.

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