Selena Gomez Rocks a Stunning Red Bikini With a Hidden Surprise Designed by Herself, Amidst Justin Bieber’s Recent Search for Her Name

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez surprised her fans by flaunting a red bikini top with a plunging neckline. The 25-year-old starlet had personally designed the swimsuit to conceal the scar she acquired due to her kidney transplant procedure in 2017, which was necessitated by her ongoing battle with Lupus. The bikini line, named Krahs Swim, marks the first swimwear collection by her closest friend, Theresa Mingus. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Justin Bieber was recently caught searching Selena’s name on the internet.

Hot stuff: Selena Gomez has stunned her followers on Wednesday by posing in a low-cut red bikini top

Get ready to turn up the heat because Selena Gomez is breaking the internet with her latest Instagram post. The singer and actress gave her fans a sneak peek of her upcoming Selena x Krahs Swim line by showing off her curves in a red, low-cut bikini top. The line, which launches on Thursday, also features high-waisted bottoms and a chic one-piece suit that looks like it was pulled straight out of a James Bond movie. The bikini top, complete with an underwire and metal closure, accentuates Selena’s ample cleavage and makes her look absolutely radiant. It’s safe to say that Selena’s new swimwear collection is going to be a hot commodity this summer!

It has a purpose: The 25-year-old siren designed the suit herself to hide her scar which she got from her kidney operation in 2017 due to her struggle with Lupus

The 25-year-old actress, known for her iconic role in Wizards Of Waverly Place, has come up with a unique design for her swimsuit. The design serves a purpose as she wanted to hide the scar from her kidney operation that she went through in 2017 due to Lupus. Along with her signature red lips, she added heavy black eye makeup and accessorized with hoop earrings. In collaboration with her friend, she shared a video talking about how she enjoyed designing the swimsuit herself. The high-waisted swimsuit design with a belt is one of her favorites as it covers her scar and makes her feel comfortable. Gomez underwent a kidney transplant in 2017 when her friend Francia RaĆ­sa donated her kidney. Her kidneys were failing due to her struggle with arthritis, but she persevered to keep going.

Zip it up: The line - called Krahs Swim - is from her best friend Theresa Mingus

“Zip it up!” That’s the name of the new swimwear line created by Selena Gomez’s best friend, Theresa Mingus. According to Mingus, “Every woman wants to feel sexy and confident in their own body.” That’s why she designed Krahs Swim to have a wide range of stylish pieces to suit everyone’s unique taste. In a video with Gomez, they discuss the importance of feeling beautiful in your own skin.

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