Kylie Jenner stuns in lingerie and transforms into a modern Cinderella at Maison Margiela Paris Fashion Week.

At the Paris Fashion Week showcase for Maison Margiela, Kylie Jenner caught everyone’s attention with her striking appearance. The 25-year-old billionaire donned a flashy baby blue coat and silvery heels, resembling a modern-day Cinderella. She wore a complexly designed powder blue outer layer over a mini dress, completing her look with a pair of matching heels. During her preparation, she managed to squeeze in an Instagram lingerie shoot, flaunting her curves in a busty crop top and matching knickers. Moreover, she revealed the name of her son, which had been kept a secret until then. Kylie Jenner is indeed a fashion icon who knows how to make a statement and turn heads!

That will set tongues wagging: Kylie Jenner posed for an impromptu Instagram lingerie shoot while getting ready for a Paris fashion show on Sunday

Get ready to gossip: Kylie Jenner caused a stir by sharing some candid lingerie shots on Instagram as she prepared for a fashion show in Paris last Sunday.

Princess Kylie: She later stepped out in a flashy baby blue coat and silvery heels for the Maison Margiela Paris Fashion Week show, resembling a Cinderella look

Princess Kylie graced the Maison Margiela Paris Fashion Week show with her presence, wearing an eye-catching baby blue coat and silver heels that resembled Cinderella’s iconic look. The coat was a high-fashion statement piece that featured three distinct fabrics and a light gray patterned lining. Kylie clung to it protectively as she made her way through the crowd, accompanied by her trusted bodyguard. She would occasionally let the cloak fall off her shoulders, revealing her long legs and perfectly coordinated stone-covered bag and shoes. As she strode confidently through the room, she exuded effortless glamour and style.

Showstopper: The billionaire businesswoman, 25, commanded attention as she made her way into the designer showcase on Sunday

She rocked the complexly designed powder blue outer layer over a mini dress

Eye-catcher: The 25-year-old billionaire entrepreneur stole the show as she strutted into the fashion exhibit last Sunday.

Kylie wore some eye-catching shoes – a pair of sparkly heels that had a unique split toe design. At the event she was attending, she styled her black hair into a relaxed and low ponytail, leaving some hair around her face. She decided to skip wearing earrings for this fashion moment. Kylie’s makeup was done with care, using pink tones to highlight her features and give her skin a dewy effect. Her eyebrows were thick and well-defined, serving as the foundation for her overall look that included dark mascara and shimmery eyeshadow.

Protective: Jenner was escorted by security who made sure she was safe as a crowd gathered around her

Jenner was surrounded by a group of people, and to ensure her safety, security personnel accompanied her. They acted as a protective shield and made sure that no harm came to her.

Details: The statement-making high-fashion coat boasted three different fabrics, including a light gray patterned lining

The high-fashion coat made a bold statement with its unique combination of three different fabrics. Its lining featured a stylish light gray pattern that added to its overall charm.

Star power: At times she let the sky-colored cloak fall glamorously off her shoulders as she carried a tiny, stone-covered bag that coordinated with her shoes

In a display of star power, Kylie donned a sky-colored cloak that she gracefully let fall off her shoulders. She completed the look with a tiny stone-covered bag that matched her shoes perfectly. The billionaire entrepreneur took to Instagram to give her followers a glimpse into her world as she attended a presentation. Sharing a ‘get dressed with me’ series of photos, Kylie showed off her cream-colored designer undergarments, including a spiked bra and high-waisted briefs in what appeared to be a latex material. With a massive following of 379 million, the fashionista engaged her fans with a peek into her behind-the-scenes moments.

Up-close: Kylie took to Instagram to share her perspective as she took her seat at the presentation

Kylie shared her view as she settled down for the presentation on her Instagram account.

Instagram content: The Kylie Cosmetics founder shared a 'get dressed with me' roundup of photos on social media

Kylie Jenner, the mastermind behind Kylie Cosmetics, recently posted a series of photos on social media where she showed off her outfit for the day. Along with her fashionable attire, she also revealed a stunning nude manicure in an almond shape. In the pictures, she effortlessly posed for the camera with her come-hither stare, captivating her audience in the process. The previous day, the star arrived in Paris in style via her private jet for a much-anticipated week. Earlier, she shared a picture of her son with ex Travis Scott, finally revealing his face and unique name.

Stunner: Jenner's face was meticulously beautified with a dewy, pink-toned makeup palette that highlighted her features

Jenner’s appearance was enhanced with a carefully applied makeup palette that highlighted her features. She and her ex-partner, who both co-parent their four-year-old daughter Stormi, initially named their son Wolf, but they later changed it as they felt it didn’t suit him. The reality TV star took to Instagram to reveal her son’s new name, Aire, alongside a series of photos. The first picture was a mirror selfie of Jenner holding her 11-month-old son on her hip. In the second photo, Aire was seen wearing a casual blue shark outfit, and this marked the first time Jenner gave a clear view of her son’s face. She also clarified the pronunciation of her son’s unique name as ‘air’ in a post on a fan account.

What's underneath: Kylie showed off her cream-hued, designer undergarments, which included a spiked bra and high-waisted briefs

Kylie flaunted her high-end lingerie in a creamy shade, complete with a bra adorned with spikes and briefs that sit high on the waist.

Big reveal: Underneath her flashy coat Kylie sported a flirty mini dress in a lighter blue shade

Exciting revelation: Hidden beneath her eye-catching coat, Kylie surprised everyone by flaunting a playful mini dress in a softer blue hue.

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