“Kim Kardashian’s Insights: 10 Valuable Life Lessons”

1.It’s okay to treat yourself.

2. Step outside of your comfort zone


3.Be more glamorous

4.Diversify your income

5.Be kind

6.Have a thick skin.


7.It’s ok to be a hot mom

8.Don’t stop evolving

Greetings and a warm welcome to my blog! My name is Victoria, and I enjoy discussing topics such as modern elegance and personal development. Recently, the Kardashian-Jenner family made an online announcement that their popular reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, will be coming to a close. This news prompted me to reflect on the life lessons that I have learned from Kim Kardashian West over the course of the show’s many seasons. As a longtime viewer of the show since its first season, I never anticipated that the family would rise to such immense fame. While I appreciate all of the sisters for various reasons, I have a particular fondness for Kim. Today, I am excited to share some of the key insights that I have gained from her over the years.


Throughout the years, Kim has had a significant impact on me in various ways. Although she may not be the epitome of elegance, there are lessons we can learn from her experiences that can improve our lives. Firstly, it is crucial to indulge in self-care and treat ourselves occasionally. I still recall the episode where Kim was acquiring her Bentley, and her sisters were upset with her behavior. Eventually, she hit Khloe with her purse, which became a famous scene in the show. Similarly, when Kim misplaced a $75k diamond earring while on vacation, she had an emotional breakdown, fearing that she would never find it again. Both incidents showed how important it is to take care of oneself and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Kim’s sister was irritated by her outburst because she believed that Kim had worked very hard to acquire the diamond earrings. Although wearing such expensive jewelry while swimming in the ocean is not advisable, I appreciate that Kim indulges herself occasionally. I am of the opinion that women should treat themselves more often. Here are some tips on how to apply this in your own life: When you achieve your goals through diligence and hard work, it’s perfectly fine to splurge a little and reward yourself with something you’ve been longing for. If you want to achieve great things in life, you must be willing to take risks. Work hard, save and manage your finances, and invest in the things you desire. 2. Step out of your comfort zone. I have previously discussed this topic in one of my blog posts, and I strongly encourage individuals to challenge their boundaries and venture outside their comfort zones. Kim Kardashian serves as an excellent example of this concept. There are two specific instances where I learned valuable lessons from Kim. The first instance is when Kim posed for Playboy magazine. She had no prior knowledge that the shoot would require nudity.


Initially, the individual felt uneasy about the photoshoot and even contemplated canceling it since they were uncomfortable with being photographed in the nude. Eventually, they negotiated an arrangement with Playboy where they were covered in pearls to avoid complete exposure. Recently, while watching season 19, an episode caught the individual’s attention where Kim Kardashian held a tarantula for her daughter North despite being afraid of spiders herself. The individual was shocked by this act, as they had previously seen Kim’s fear of spiders in other episodes. However, North was fond of spiders and wanted to have a pet tarantula. Kim agreed to hold the spider, and if she did, North would not get her desired pet. The individual was so inspired by Kim’s bravery that they took a screenshot of the moment.


There is a comprehensive list that I have created for those who wish to step out of their comfort zone. It would be beneficial for you to peruse it at your own convenience. However, if you are pressed for time, I recommend starting with something small. For instance, try indulging in a new cuisine, wear an ensemble that you normally wouldn’t, listen to music that is different from your usual preference, or visit a place that is unfamiliar to you. Another suggestion is to be more glamorous. Kim Kardashian is widely regarded as the epitome of glamour. With her flawless hair and makeup, she has had several iconic looks over the years that have motivated me to pay more attention to my personal appearance.

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Although Kim has a team of professionals to assist her with her daily glam routine, it’s crucial to learn how to do it yourself. Being elegant is not only about your outward appearance, but also about making a lasting impression when meeting new people. Sophisticated women devote time and effort into looking their best before attending events or running errands. Furthermore, feeling good about oneself is essential, and getting glammed up can help boost self-esteem and confidence levels. You can follow in these footsteps by learning how to create a few makeup looks for different occasions that are not overly complex. Wearing simple yet classic and classy outfits can also go a long way in presenting a polished and put-together appearance. Moreover, diversifying your income through multiple business endeavors can fund an opulent lifestyle, just like Kim’s.


From the beginning of her career, Kim Kardashian has been diversifying her income streams by shooting for magazines, getting paid for club appearances, starting a fragrance line, releasing a video game, and running the DASH retail store with her sisters. Today, she continues to expand her empire with KKW beauty, SKIMS shape wear, and sponsorships through her social media accounts. Despite her busy schedule that includes filming for KUWTK and other projects, she remains kind, sweet, and wonderful according to those who know her. This kindness might be part of the reason why she is so successful today, as people are naturally attracted to her positive energy. Therefore, it is important to practice kindness in our own lives by being loving towards those closest to us and performing random acts of kindness. In addition, developing a thick skin can help us deal with negative comments, criticisms, and hatred just like Kim does on a daily basis.

Even today, there are still many negative comments made about Kim Kardashian. People criticize how she became famous and question her talent. However, if Kim had listened to these naysayers, she would not be living the life she leads today. Kim believes that she was destined for fame and she has had to develop a thick skin to deal with the constant criticism that comes with being a public figure. Despite the negativity, Kim has continued to thrive and I admire her for that. We can all learn from her resilience and focus on living our own lives without worrying about the opinions of others. Moms, in particular, face a lot of criticism during pregnancy and beyond. From what they eat to how they look, people always have something to say. It’s important to remember that we are the ones living our lives and we should focus on what makes us happy, regardless of what others may think.

Kim Kardashian, among other celebrity women, has shown that it’s possible to be both a mother and attractive. While it’s important to make some changes after having children, like toning things down a bit, losing your self-esteem and changing your appearance entirely isn’t necessary. You can still feel and look sexy even if you have kids. Many mothers, including myself, tend to forget about themselves when they become parents, focusing entirely on their families. Kim sets an excellent example by demonstrating how to maintain your looks while being a mom, even with a lot of help. You can do this by wearing makeup, dressing up, finding time for yourself, working out, prioritizing your mental health, and keeping up with your hobbies. Kim’s work in prison reform is something to be admired. She’s helping people serving life sentences for non-violent offenses get out of prison, which is incredible. Her evolution as a person is inspiring as well. Although people used to hate her, she’s now using her massive platform to create a positive impact on people’s lives. She’s even studying law to become a lawyer in the future. Her father’s profession inspired her, but she’s taking a significant step in a completely different direction, which is admirable. As KUWTK comes to an end, I’m happy for Kim and her family but sad to see the show go. However, I’ve learned a lot from Kim and can’t wait to apply these lessons to my own life and see where they take me. Share your favorite moment from Keeping up with the Kardashians in the comments below and follow for more content.

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