“Kim K Shows off Eye-Popping Pink Bikini Look on Yacht with Marcus Hyde Before His Accident”

Ever since learning about Marcus Hyde’s car accident, she has been keeping him in her prayers and hoping for his speedy recovery. Their relationship is close-knit, and the internet has been buzzing with fresh snapshots from their recent Bali photoshoot.

Kim flaunted her stunning physique in a vibrant neon pink bikini from Triangl, which is super affordable at only $80. The bikini was cleverly designed to reveal a tasteful peek of underboob, making it all the more eye-catching. While she initially covered up with a robe, Kim later decided to ditch it and showcase her well-toned figure in all its glory.

Afterwards, the mother who had three children in tow was feeling playful and decided to showcase her modeling abilities while sitting on a swing designed for kids. With the breathtaking view of the ocean as her backdrop, she posed for her companion Marcus, who was skilled with a camera. Kim then took a brief swim in the water, which Marcus was able to capture on film. Meanwhile, her daughter North kept busy playing around her mother’s feet, but was not included in any photographs.

Kim had some assistance from her sister Kourtney and ex-partner Scott Disick, along with their children, in taking care of her five-year-old child. The family enjoyed their time together on a luxurious 9-bedroom yacht named Prana by Atzaro, which comes with a hefty rental cost of $13,000 per night. This opulent vessel provides an array of indulgences, including beauty services, yoga sessions, and a private chef, making it the ultimate vacation destination for those seeking lavishness.

Kim was amazed by the breathtaking view around her as she jumped off the deck and plunged into the crystal-clear water. Meanwhile, Marcus was busy capturing photos of her exciting escapade. However, Marcus’ life took a tragic turn when he was in a car accident in Malibu after returning home. As a result of this heartbreaking incident, well-known personalities like Kim, Khloe, and Ariana Grande voiced their concerns and extended their unyielding support and wishes for his speedy and full recovery on social media platforms.

Kim shared that she’s currently on a mission to capture the perfect photo. However, she made it clear that she won’t be sharing them anytime soon as she’s saving them for a book. She also expressed her concern for Marcus Hyde’s health and wished him a quick recovery. Marcus played a crucial role in creating memorable images of Bo Derek running on the beach in the movie “10,” which helped Kim Kardashian rise to fame.

On a beautiful Monday morning, he was driving his Mercedes AMG CLS along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when something went wrong. Unfortunately, he lost control of the car and it careened off an embankment, ultimately plunging 200 feet down and completely destroying the vehicle. According to eyewitnesses, it was quite a spectacle.

According to TMZ, the musician based in Los Angeles experienced multiple seizures following the crash. As a result, they were transported by helicopter to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Sources report that he sustained a serious head injury, and the woman who was accompanying him was also hospitalized. Prior to the accident, Hyde had expressed his excitement on social media about going for a late-night joyride in fast cars.

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