Jennifer Lopez: The Undisputed Queen at 52, As Malaika and Amrita Arora Bow Down to Her Majesty

Amrita Arora took to her Instagram story and posted a snapshot of Jennifer Lopez, referring to her as the “Queen” in the caption.

At 52, Jennifer Lopez Is A 'Queen' For Malaika, Amrita Arora And Others

Jennifer Lopez, the well-known American singer and actress, celebrated her 52nd birthday with style and panache on a luxurious yacht with her beau, actor Ben Affleck. JLo, famous for her fitness prowess, surprised her fans by sharing gorgeous photos of herself in a red and yellow bikini on her special day. The stunning pictures left Bollywood celebrities like Malaika Arora, Amrita Arora, and Neelam Kothari dumbfounded by JLo’s toned physique, even at the age of 52. Malaika addressed her as a “queen” and posted another photo from Jennifer’s birthday album featuring her kissing Ben Affleck with the caption “Ufff.” Amrita also shared a snapshot of JLo on her Instagram story, while Neelam Kothari praised her as her “inspiration.” Jennifer Lopez is an embodiment of the phrase – age is just a number, with her fitness and beauty continuing to inspire people worldwide.


A quick peek at what Malaika posted on her Instagram story.


A glimpse of what Malaika posted on her Instagram story.


A sneak peek into Amrita’s Instagram story.


Neelam Kothari recently posted a screenshot of Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram story, where she confirmed her relationship with Ben Affleck. The celebrity couple had rekindled their romance earlier this year, and celebrated JLo’s birthday on a luxurious yacht, with the singer sharing a photo of herself kissing Affleck in her birthday album. Additionally, she also posted a video of herself, recorded by Affleck, stating “It’s my birthday, 52…what it do.” It’s worth noting that the couple had been previously engaged in 2002 but called things off before their wedding in 2003. After a 17-year gap, they’re back together again. Pictures from their birthday celebrations can be viewed here.

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