Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Toned Physique in Bright Yellow Outfit During Italian Getaway Rehearsal

She has been enjoying the sun during a luxurious vacation on the picturesque Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Jennifer Lopez set aside time from her busy schedule to rehearse a routine with her choreographer and dancers on Monday. The 54-year-old songstress practiced in the picturesque grounds of her lavish villa, overlooking the sea. During the sweaty session, JLo showcased her toned physique in a yellow crop top paired with high-waisted white shorts. She shielded her eyes behind shades, tied her brunette tresses into a high ponytail, and slipped into chunky trainers.

After going makeup-free and sharing her skincare routine with her more than 250 million Instagram followers earlier in the day, superstar Jen shared a video of herself celebrating her recent birthday as she declared that she feels ‘better than ever.’ In the footage, which featured her rocking a beige robe and no makeup, the On The Floor singer displayed how she uses her skincare line ‘every day.’ The mother-of-two, who is married to actor Ben Affleck, then debunked rumors that she doesn’t use her own products as she showed off her bathroom counter full of JLo Beauty products.

The given content is about Jennifer Lopez and her skincare routine. She called out her haters and applied moisturizing serum and sunscreen from her own company to her face. She also emphasized that she didn’t use any filters or retouching on the video. Jennifer previously revealed the secrets behind her incredible skin to Vogue magazine. In the video, she starts by lighting a candle called Santal 26, which she loves doing to set the stage. She takes this particular scent of candle with her on the road and in hotels, calling it a signature scent for herself.

Jennifer shared a positive affirmation, stating that she is always in perfect health, and her family is as well. She also declared that she is youthful and timeless at every age, and her life is full of abundance, joy, and love. As a Hustlers actress, Jennifer began with her own JL Beauty Cleanser called Hit Single. She revealed that her skin care routine has always been basic, involving just cleanser, a little cream, and sunscreen. She added that there were rumors in the past that she used expensive cleansers like La Mer, but that wasn’t true. Jennifer also mentioned using eye drops to keep her eyes bright and using the JL Glow Serum all over her face, neck, and décolletage.

As a child, my mother, grandmother, and aunts all had these peculiar beauty secrets. One of them was using olive oil, which we actually turned into a product and called the Olive Complex. They also had other “crazy” secrets, like putting mayonnaise in their hair, which my mom never did. Jennifer revealed that one of her biggest secrets is getting enough sleep. She shared that she has a specific number of hours in mind before she feels like she can fall asleep. Her rule is either to get under four hours or over seven hours of sleep.

Jennifer’s next step in her skincare routine was to moisturize, using her preferred daytime cream from her own JLoo brand that also included sunscreen. She emphasized the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. In addition, she applied La Mer lip balm and JLoo Beauty eye cream, which she put under her eyes, on her forehead, décolletage, and hands. Jennifer shared in a video that when she was approached at the mall about modeling, she thought it was impossible because of her height of 5’5″. However, they showed her how to apply makeup during their meeting.

According to the source, she collaborated with Kevin Aucoin for her first experience as a makeup artist. Unfortunately, Aucoin passed away in May 2002. She used several darker tones to contour around her chin, cheeks, forehead, and neck. This information was reported by

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