Jennifer Aniston’s BFF Adam Sandler and His Wife Send Flowers Every Mother’s Day to Support Her Fertility Journey

Jen had previously revealed that her struggle with infertility was compounded by the negative public attention she received for many years. Recently, she shared more about her experience with fertility.

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During an interview with Allure, Jen shared her personal experience of struggling for years to conceive and how it was a difficult time in her life.

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According to the celebrity, her experiences in her late 30s and 40s helped her become the person she was destined to be. She shared that she went through tough times during this period and tried various methods, including IVF and Chinese teas, to conceive a child.

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In an interview, the woman expressed her difficulties in conceiving a child and how she wished someone had advised her to freeze her eggs. She acknowledged that people typically do not consider such options until it’s too late and stated that she has come to terms with the fact that she might not be able to have children.

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Jen expressed that her personal journey with infertility was even harder to deal with because of the constant media attention and speculation that started almost 20 years ago when she and Brad Pitt ended their marriage in 2005.

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Even though Jen and Brad never revealed the exact reason for their divorce after being together for five years, there were rumors that painted the Friends star in a negative light. According to these rumors, the couple broke up because Jen allegedly didn’t want to have kids with Brad.

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Jen has made multiple efforts to combat the sexist rhetoric surrounding her personal life. Despite being subjected to hurtful speculation for ten years, she took matters into her own hands and wrote an essay for HuffPost in 2016. In it, she directly addressed the tabloids that perpetuate the idea that a woman is somehow lacking or unhappy if she isn’t married with children.

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The statement made by the celebrity on her pregnancy has been misunderstood. She clarified that she is not pregnant and expressed her frustration over the issue. She firmly believes that a person’s completeness does not depend on having a partner or a child. We have the power to decide what is beautiful for our bodies, and it is our decision to make.

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Last year, Jen shared her fertility struggles with the public, and received massive support from people around the world. Many of them believed that the tabloids should apologize to her for continuously pushing the false narrative that she willingly opted out of having children.

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Jen’s admirers aren’t the only ones who have showered her with support throughout the years. Her intimate circle of friends, including her close pal Adam Sandler, have also been there for her.

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In case you’re not aware, Jen and Adam have a history that goes way back. They first met when they were in their early twenties and since then, they have built a strong and genuine friendship that has lasted through the years.

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In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jen shared that Adam and his wife, Jackie Sandler, send her a beautiful bunch of flowers every year on Mother’s Day to express their love and support. The gesture reflects their affectionate bond towards each other.

Jackie and Adam Sandler

Jen, who parted ways with Justin Theroux in 2018, opened up about her love life to WSJ. She shared that her childhood has had a significant influence on how she handles relationships.

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Axelle, a celebrity photographed by FilmMagic, revealed that she found relationships to be challenging due to her tendency to feel isolated. She speculated that her upbringing and observing her family’s dynamics may have influenced her perspective on romantic partnerships.

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According to the source, the person expressed that they were not in favor of giving up their identity or desires, which made it difficult for them to compromise in relationships. As a result, they found it simpler to be independent and not receive any training in negotiating and compromising with others.

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According to Jen, being in a relationship is not an easy task. She expressed that she excels at all her other responsibilities, but when it comes to relationships, it’s a bit of a struggle. Her statement was cut short as she trailed off, indicating the sensitivity of the topic for her.

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