“J.Lo ignites Dubai stage with a sizzling performance styled by an innovative Vietnamese designer”

Dubai Airshow Gala was lit up by Jennifer Lopez’s stunning performance and drew a huge crowd of fans who enjoyed her popular songs. Her electrifying show wasn’t the only thing that caught people’s attention, as her outfit choices also created quite a buzz and excitement among the audience.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, who is still looking stunning at the age of 48, once again turned to Bao Tranchi, a designer of Vietnamese descent with whom she has worked many times before, to add to her already impressive collection of outfits that showcase her curves.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, even at the age of under 50, continues to radiate strength and empowerment. She remains a source of inspiration for women across the globe. Designer Bao Tranchi created this unique piece specifically for Jennifer Lopez.

Đây là thiết kế được NTK Bao Tranchi làm riêng cho Jennifer Lopez

Bao Tranchi’s innovative design adds to Jennifer Lopez’s stunning curves.

Jennifer Lopez thrills fans with live Dubai performance

The Baroque pattern, which has become a trademark of the Versace label since its inception under Gianni Versace’s leadership, is featured in this design. Additionally, Jennifer Lopez frequently wears the newest clothing from the Spring Summer 2018 collection by Versace. Her close relationship with designer Donatella Versace explains why Lopez is highly favored. Jennifer Lopez stayed at the Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel during her visit to Dubai, coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the establishment.

Jennifer Lopez mặc thiết kế trong BST Xuân Hè 2018 của Versace trong show diễn tại Dubai

During a show held in Dubai, Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing an outfit from Versace’s Spring Summer 2018 collection.

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