“How Many Sparkling Gems Does Selena Gomez Adorn During Her Revival Tour Nights?”

Selena Gomez kicked off her Revīval Tour last week, showcasing her impressive vocals and an array of stunning bodysuits. She wowed the audience with a range of body-hugging looks that transformed her into a bedazzled chameleon. While each outfit was flawless, our personal favorite was the sparkly nude bodysuit she wore for the opening act. The ensemble was covered from head to ankle in dazzling Swarovski crystals, which she paired with a stunning pair of patent leather booties.

Selena Gomez has got her wardrobe game on point with her latest stage outfits. She’s flaunting not one, but two Monse suits that are covered in almost 100,000 tiny crystals each, making a total of 192,960 crystals for her performances. Refinery29 reports that one of the jumpsuits is sheer and the other is black. Selena will wear them alternatively for her shows. It’s safe to say that she’s shining bright like a diamond on stage.

We have to admit, she’s the most stunning disco ball we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

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