“Fun in the Sun: Kim Kardashian Rocks a Thong Bikini during a Beach Escape in Malibu”

Kim Kardashian was spotted flaunting her toned body as she enjoyed a day out at Malibu beach. She looked effortlessly stylish in a sleek black strapless bikini that accentuated her famous curves. The reality TV star was accompanied by her former assistant and close pal, Stephanie Shepherd, and the duo had a blast in the ocean, taking numerous selfies on the shore. Walking barefoot in the waves and basking in the sun, they both looked stunning in their bikinis.

Instead of relying on her usual glamorous look, the well-known celebrity decided to showcase her natural beauty. Sporting a black swimsuit, Stephanie looked simply stunning with its unique design that revealed just the right amount of underboob. The asymmetrical bottom and spaghetti strap top perfectly complemented her figure.

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Take a look at the images displayed in the gallery above of a woman in her middle years showing off her long legs as she strolls barefoot on the beach.

Kim was a sight worth beholding as she appeared in a revealing swimsuit that emphasized her toned buttocks. The provocative pose of her squatting on the ground added a playful touch to the moment, leaving little to the imagination.

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Kim maintained a serene composure as she enjoyed the cool water, splashing her toes before leisurely walking along the sandy shore barefoot. Later, they returned to their towels and snapped a photo using a small camera held by Stephanie. Kim struck a duck face pose in the picture, while her friend had a cheerful expression. After finishing their beach excursion, the two women gathered their things and left.

How about we snap a photo right now? Stephanie and her significant other posed for a snapshot using a tiny camera she held out at arm’s length. Get ready to flash those pearly whites for the perfect shot!

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The photo gallery displays the beauty mogul enjoying a serene time by swimming in the water and strolling on the sandy beach, indicating that life can be as peaceful as a beach.

As Kim and her friend Stephanie strolled along the sandy beach, their chic outfits caught the attention of passersby. While Kim pulled off a pair of sleek black Balenciaga biker shorts, Stephanie opted for a cozy striped sweater. They both completed their beach-ready looks with comfy footwear – Kim chose flip flops while Stephanie went for slides. Interestingly, Stephanie used to be Kim’s personal assistant until she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of all Kardashian West Brands between 2013 and 2017. Unfortunately, their professional relationship came to an end when Stephanie was fired. Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians would know that Stephanie confided in Kourtney Kardashian about feeling unfulfilled in her career, which eventually led to a conversation between her and Kim.

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These stunning photos are a testament to the celebrity’s dedication to their fitness regimen, revealing a healthy and stunning figure.

Strolling down memory lane: Shepherd used to be Kim’s right-hand woman before being promoted to Chief Operating Officer of all Kardashian West brands. Unfortunately, she was let go from her role in 2017.

Steph Shepherd, who used to work as Kim Kardashian’s assistant, spoke with Kourtney Kardashian on an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” about how she was unhappy with her job. Kim later heard about the conversation and the two had a discussion where Kim acknowledged that Steph had grown beyond her previous role but still expressed love and appreciation for her and what she had taught her. Although they no longer work together professionally, Steph and Kim have rekindled their friendship in 2019 and have maintained a positive relationship ever since. Steph is now a part of Kim and Kourtney’s inner circle and has even appeared in ads for SKIMS. She is also a columnist for POOSH and co-founded Future Earth, a non-profit focused on fighting climate change. Steph is currently in a relationship with Larry Jackson, Apple Music’s head of content, who is also friends with Kanye West.

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Kim opted for a chic look by sporting Balenciaga biker shorts in black to keep her body shape discreet. You can have a glimpse of the photos in the gallery (+19).

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